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Format: 12 x 11’
Genre: adult
Resolution: High Definition
( HDTV), Standard Definition
and Web Medias

The Owner of the World
created by Marco Alemar

After so many cartoon´s villains have attempted to rule the world,
the greatest of the villains finally did it.
His heir have always been harsh men that ruled the earth with tough laws.

After many generations of domination by the Omnipotent Clan, a young heir appear,
a heir that could change
the future of the planet and the people. Because he is annoyed with
the life on the court, he wants to give back the world.

This is the story of the Owner, a young king full of virtues but harsh and determined
as his ancestors, a king who wants to get rid of the responsibility,
and is always trying to find someone to be the
new Owner of the World. While he is searching to meet the right people to be
the new Owner he starts to realize the true valor of the humans and it starts frustrating him.
It is a funny critic to the human´s condition and of the selfishness of men.
His vassal and companion is a funny joker who always get himself in embarrassments, but,
sometimes he say something very difficult to understand at first but, in the end it have a
great philosophical and spiritual meaning and pure and true intentions.
He is the crazy wise.

The others characters helps making the funny stories where the Owner
of the world keep on searchingfor someone who he can deliver the world to.
They are all very interested in keeping the world to themselves,
and they keep on trying to convince him to give the world to them.
Those characters are: The General, who represents the army, strenght and violence;
the Shaman, who represents the religions and reaffirm the concept of the people´s opium,
in other words, he try to cheat on people by using mystical concepts and knowledge.
The Lady Tala of Lion, the Condess Broca of Lion, is an annoying lady
who only wants to see her daughter,
the little Tala, married the Owner of the World as soon as she grows up,
so them she can be the Owner of the World too. And finally,
The Court, people who are always trying to appear to the king.

It is a story for all kind of people and age, with lots of funny situations.
A story to laugh and to make you think because, it shows with irony the way
that the human´s relations are manipulated by greed and envy.
Where deserving is always far away from the reward.
As the Owner always say "No one deserve it...".


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The Owner

The General

The Bobo

Lady Tala de Lion