Format: 12 x 25’ or 1 x 45`
Genre: educational - all ages
Resolution: High Definition
( HDTV), Standard Definition

Portuguese Version

created by

Marco Alemar

This is a story about character that are books.
The covers are wings and the back of the book the body of the characters.
Instead of the characters becoming "characters from books",
the books become the characters.
They live in a library and in each story the subjects depends of the books content.
They explain the doubts about: maths, cience, art,
cooking, nature and fables about fairies... the book open his pages and let you enter this world of information that lies among each character.
A educational serie that makes the childrens becoming interessed
about reading and searching the knowledge.


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here just a piece of history...

" Allright, here we are"
said the grandma when she revealed a door made of dark wood full of weird carvings.
I had already gived up about
asking something, i was so curious about the secret that i barely blinked my eyes,
but nothing could prepare me for what i was going to see.
Grandma got the old key and unlocked the old wood door, she pulled it with
some strenght because the door was hard to open.
The thin light of the library didnt let me see what was inside the shelves,
i just forced my vision to try to see and when i finally saw what
was there my mouth just couldn´t close.
"-Ohhhhh." was the only sound i could produce.
"Good night... are you wake up dear friends?"
said my grandma with a smile.Inside the shelve was a
full colection of the most beautifiul and incredible books of the whole world,
they were arranged side by side with
the back towarding the us showing the great characters that the book was made.
And there were a great variety of books: womans, goblins, childs,
oldman and young mam, it was like a unknown and magic world just in front of my eyes.
The figures started to move and open their eyes, like they just had waken up."