The Pain of War
created by Marco Alemar

A book.
"The Pain of War"-paranoic-critic method
Expressionist, bodies torn into pieces, desperation, suffering,
confusion, chaos, death... everything "Guernica" style, with a touch of Rubens...
Years ago on my personal and non-commercial work I started to use the
surrealist way of Dali, which he called "paranoic-critic method"., it's
about to represent images excited by free associations, from forms took
by chance. I did never achieve this with 3D, 'cause the technique
imposes a rigid planning to model and to compose, until the past months.
With Zbrush we can make something like that
(although the digital medium is a great bareer).
I'll post imagens from the development of this idea
so you can understand it better.
Please note that using this surrealist method, the result of my work
looks like with Max Ernst's works than with those from Dali or Magrite,
although all their intentions were the same. So when I say "Guernica's
style" is because this work always impressed my for his pictoric
strength, besides it contains the same theme of our contest; from Rubens I
take the colour and the "barroque" from compositing in spiral shape
(specialy the "hunt to the hipopotamus") and those of crouds
( "the kidnap of the sabines","battle of amazons"), and from the surrealists the method, the creation proccess

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