created by Marco Alemar

Format: 12 x 11’
Genre: pre-school
Resolution: High Definition
( HDTV), Standard Definition

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Creativity is the key word of ZOOLOR.
This animated series presents a
dynamic world based
on the plastic arts,
where trees can be paintbrushes
and the floor can be paper mache.

The characters of ZOOLOR are a
group of animals who are pure colors.
In fact, they seem to have just emerged from a thought or from a pallet
of colors, since the colors from which
they are formed drip to the floor.

In each episode the characters get involved in mini-challenges in which they will have to
use their creativity
to overcome these challenges, and
to do so they will re-use elements
of the ZOOLOR world or
from their own body.


Eyes Closed

Blueterfly, Pinkg, Yellowphant and Bluck always meet up to play.
In Zoolor everything is amusing and creative…
it’s just a matter of thinking about them.
But at times deciding on the game to play can take a while, and in the end
everyone becomes tired and lazzyyyyyy.

Pinkg is the most agitated of our characters and doesn’t like waiting around.
Before too long he grabs a branch from a tree in order to have something
to play with. He ends up unraveling the branch and making a strip out of it.
And in this way an idea for a game also unravels in his head.

Blueterfly, who was distracted as she tried to think of an idea, almost receives a
fright when Pinkg starts to blindfold her. Pinkg uses the strip made
from the branch to cover her vision, resulting in the following game:
when our eyes are closed we have to see using our hands.

Pinkg, Yellowphant and Bluck amuse themselves by attracting the attention of Blueterfly with noises.
But as soon as she gets closer, they move to the side,
leaving Bluetefly grasping at thin air. And so the wheel of the game
around Blueterfly spins around in a spiral to another terrain.

The terrain which they enter is a plasticine forest, but none
of our characters has realized this.
In the plasticine ground there is a glade where the echo only makes
things harder for Blueterfly.
And to make things worse, the friends start imitating each other’s voice.
Pinkg imitates a duck, Yellowphant imitates a pig and Bluck imitates an elephant.

Yellowphant is the first to realize that the ground where he steps is different.
He is gradually sinking into the plasticine, due to his weight.
Pinkg and Bluck discover
that the game has become more difficult. They are also stuck to the ground
and cannot escape to the side when Blueterfly moves close again.

Bluck finds it interesting to play with some pieces of the ground.
A new shape quickly appears when
you press here and there.
Blueterfly was groping at the wind in an attempt to find them,
but Bluck and Pinkg start to discover that in order to make shapes
they need to press and play around with the plasticine until they
discover a shape which they recognize.

Blueterfly gets used to the troublesome echo and goes in a right direction.
Due to the voice of an elephant, the slow steps, it can only be
Yellowphant right in front of her.
But blindfolded she will not understand the confusion which is,
upon prodding around,
the mixture of an elephant’s trunk and a pig’s curly tail.

Pinkg, Yellowphant and Bluck laugh out loud, because they discovered
that leaving Blueterfly confused by the forms made from the
plasticine is more fun than with the sounds.
So they prepare a bigger sculpture, more full of details.
They choose to do something which will maybe
surprise Blueterfly even more for finding it there.

Blueterfly groped and probed around a lot with her fingers,
but did not recognize the shapes, although they were very familiar. Pinkg, Yellowphant and Bluck sculpted a butterfly just like her out of the plasticine. Blueterfly takes off the blindfold and appears to be looking at herself
in the mirror. Games and arts are like that:
we always recognize ourselves in them.

Created and Directed by Marco Alemar
SreenPlay by Paulo Fabian

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