Format: 104 x 3’
Genre: all ages
Resolution: High Definition
( HDTV), Standard Definition
and Web Medias

Mey, a likeable messenger, has the mission to deliver an acknowledgment,
an advice or a simple tip.
Vyr, the bad tempered one, wants to stop the delivery of these
messages no matter what it takes.
Vyr is in the way searching for an ideal place to mount a trap, but,
as the adventure unfolds, the ideas to attract Mey take an unexpected route.
Mey always gets rid of the bred cunnings and ends up making
Vyr falls in his own trap.
In the end, the spell turns against the wizard and Vyr ends screwed up badly...
As he is trying to stop the delivery, Vyr values even more,
the message that Mey is carrying.
In a comic irony, Vyr´s traps have to be related exactly with
the text of the message, and shown in the end of the episode.


Bone , Bubbles , Feather, Grass , Ice , Leaves , Mirror , Smile

created by
Marco Alemar